What you will need to register as a member

The email address you wish to use

To start the process there are a number of emails that go back and forth, plus we need to be able to contact you about projects and disclosures.

A 2FA application to secure your login

If you have an existing 2FA app you can use that. If not, you will be able to download one during the registration process.

A memorable pass phrase

At the heart of your identity is the unique digital certificate that is created for you. We will ask you to create key-pair and save it to your device, together with a memorable pass-phrase. This is then used to 'sign' such things as

  • Your 'Membership ID card'
  • A base NDA and any subsequent project NDAs
  • Your CV should you choose to upload one
  • Authorise project documents and important actions
A recent passport photograph

This is used as a part of your Membership ID card, and confirmed via a video call.

An image of your normal signature

This is used as a part of your Membership ID card.

Your up to date CV (if you are signing up as an associate).

You do not need this to begin with and it can easily be updated and added later. It is used by projects to see the experience of members who wish to act as associates with the project. We do not publicise or market your CV in any way.

Your organisation and First,Last name will be shared with the existing membership for endorsement of acceptance and on the membership roll.