The PIPE (Pre-IPO Exchange) Platform

Where university R&D/IP can develop commercial outcomes & investment opportunities in spin-out/license projects via a digital exchange and secondary market.

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”I do not believe that the wireless waves I have discovered will have any practical applications” – Heinrich Hertz 1890

Our Lab to IPO pathway for University R&D/IP helps TTOs, academics and researchers evolve, finance and staff very early stage projects.

The PIPE Platform is where IP Creators and IP Exploiters can systematically progress very early projects through a stage gated, immutable pathway to move R&D/IP from Lab to IPO and secure patient and timely investment from the IP Investors fund.

The €200m annual fund, brings much needed focus and patient capital providing a simple way for investors to support de-risked, early stage European university start ups via a secure digital exchange.

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No cost support for students, academics and TTO’s to prove the viability of their R&D


Creating the business case & options from spin-out, to licensing and joint ventures


Creating the business plans, forecasts, support teams, financial models and roadmap to investment


Providing non-exclusive investment up to €2m in all projects


Providing founders, investors and stakeholders further funding options & liquidity



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