The PIPE Company's ICO token

If you do not already have a HEDERA enabled wallet go to Hashpack (https://www.hashpack.app/) or Blade (https://www.bladewallet.io/) to create an Hedera Account for free

. The ICO token is an interim token that will be converted on a 1:1 basis with the GDAO token when that is launched.

  • Both tokens will be created and administered on the Hedera network.
  • The PIPE ICO Tokens are fixed price during the issue (€ 1 per token)
  • The PIPE team have NO UNPURCHASED TOKENS vested. i.e Any we have we have bought at the same € 1 rate as everyone else
  • The distribution of tokens will occur on a periodic basis as the total sold reaches set levels
  • The PRIMARY purpose of the ICO token is to gather the funds for the development of the GDAO and supporting systems prior to a 100% conversion of ICO tokens to GDAO tokens on a 1:1 basis
    • All ICO tokens will carry forward their value of € 1 into the initial issue of the GDAO tokens
    • All ICO tokens represent a future GDAO token that will partake in the returns from the GDAO investments on an equal basis to GDAO tokens purchased later (by which point their price will have risen due to operating returns on investment)
  • If you want to pay by another means (bank transfer/non-fiat) or more than 5000 click contact us on the menu

The GDAO token will represent a stake in the endeavours of the GDAO within the PIPE-Exchange, investing in ALL of the projects going through the LabtoIPO pathway.

Get the overview paper here and the full white paper here

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