The PIPE Company's DAO token

If you do not already have a HEDERA enabled wallet go to Hashpack (https://www.hashpack.app/) or Blade (https://www.bladewallet.io/) to create an Hedera Account for free


  • The DAO token represents a stake in the PIPE General Fund DAO (PGF or GDAO).
  • The Tokens are fixed price during the initial issue (€ 1 per token) after which they will float with the NAV of the DAO's holdings
  • The PIPE team have NO UNPURCHASED TOKENS vested. i.e Any we have we have bought at the same current rate as everyone else.
  • Tokens should appear in your Hedera account within a few minutes of purchase
  • The PRIMARY purpose of the DAO token is to gather the funds for the supporting of GDAO holdings

    The GDAO token represents a stake in the endeavours of the GDAO within the PIPE-Exchange, investing in ALL of the projects going through the LabtoIPO pathway.

    Get the overview paper here and the full white paper here

(Not available for purchase at the moment)