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Universities are the breeding grounds of the high quality R&D and consequent IP, of the majority of the projects that we admit to the system.

Through their tireless R&D sponsorship and the maintenance of strict academic principles and standards they generate potential outcomes that should change the world we live in.

You strive to have an Impact in society

Universities strive to have an impact in society through their existence and work.

Universities are foremost, educational institutions and often, the commercialisation of R&D outcomes is a secondary consideration.

This can create tensions with government bodies and industry that impede the smooth transition of technology from the laboratory to the high street, especially if the university is focusing on the wider impact of its works and the criticism is focusing on a narrower field of view.

We recognise that as a challenge and step up to it.

  • We need to help universities prove their impact, providing evidence that can be relied upon.
  • We need to be able to support universities in the non-financial impact of decvelopments as well as the economic.

You want a Fair distribution of reward

Where commercialisation does take place, universities often feel shut out from the benefits of the R&D they have been instrumental in running, and having to accept financing that squeezes them out of the process.

We recognise that as a challenge and step up to it.

  • We need to apply a framework that can be seen to be fair and meets the concerns of the parties involved.
  • We need to continue to maintain the fair treatment of all concerned beyond the initial commercialisation and throughout the entire lifespan of the project.

You are under tight budgetary and legal constraint.

Commercialisation costs money no matter how you do it. Universities face budgetary constraints not just in how much is available, but also how and on what they can spend funds.

We recognise that as a challenge and step up to it.

  • We need to help ensure that funds are spent where they will have impact and not into projects that do not meet the universities success criteria.
  • We need to be lean, efficient and cost effective in all that we do.
  • We need to be able to support the legal requirements of the university.

You have a reputation to maintain

Whilst a spectacular success in commercialisation enhances the reputation of a university, a failure of any description undermines it.

Selecting what to be associated with can be a risky process.

We recognise that as a challenge and step up to it.

  • We need to enable the sponsoring university to identify the risks of a project as well as its potential rewards.
  • We need to enhance the reputation of our sponsoring universities at every possibility.

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