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Invention and Inventors are the core of the process. Without the inventor there would be no new R&D IP to commercialise. But just as every invention is unique, inventors are not all the same.

Some inventors enjoy the process of discovery and want to move on to the next exploration, whilst others want to exploit the invention to its fullest and develop it out to all that it can achieve.

All of that can come with problems.

You need access to funds

Taking a project through to implementation requires funds beyond those available through the normal sponsorship arrangements.

Protection of IP and Patenting takes time and funds.

We recognise that as a challenge and step up to it.

  • We need to help in the process of checking IP patentability and ensure that the costs are applied at the RIGHT time in the process.
  • We need to be able to provide the funds that are needed to fully exploit the capabilities of an invention.

You want fair valuation and share

Most of the projects we process come from universities where the university has sponsored the R&D process, supported by grants and collaborations.

Such relationships can be harmonious until the point where commercialisation looms and disagreements arise.

Every project will require a valuation and an agreement as to who gets what share of the outcomes. This can be the point at which otherwise harmonious relationships come under strain.

We recognise that as a challenge and step up to it.

  • We need to create a framework within which everyone can operate and feel that they are being heard and treated fairly.
  • We need to help preserve the harmonious relationships that produced invention beyond the point of invention.

You invent for the benefit the solution brings

Not every project aims to make money. Some projects are created because they resolve an issue that needs to be resolved rather than one that will bring in revenue. They may be classified as cost reduction rather than revenue generating.

We recognise that as a challenge and step up to it.

  • We need to be able to represent value in more ways than just the potential financial outcome.
  • We need to provide a platform where not-for-profit projects can sit alongside for-profit projects without distortion.

Your invention is unique

Every inventors project is unique. It will be addressing a particular problem with a particular proposal as a solution. Standard systems and processes may not be suitable of capable of dealing with it.

We recognise that as a challenge and step up to it.

  • We need to run a framework that can easily adapt and extend to the unique requirements of a technology or project, bend without breaking.
  • We need to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach, and enable the tailored fit whilst still maintaining uniformity.

You are busy, time is short.

Commercialisation takes time. Time to prove the case, Time to obtain the funds, Time talking rather than doing.

We recognise that as a challenge and step up to it.

  • Our systems must be effective at their tasks and enable more to be done with less.
  • Our systems must recognise the realistic time constraints of activities, not everything is easily scalable.

You have your own plans, taking it forward

Not every inventor wants to be involved in the day to day running of the resultant commercialisation, they prefer to invent than run things.

We recognise that as a challenge and step up to it.

  • We need to provide a process that can take forward a project without trapping the inventor in a role they do not want to fulfil.
  • We need to be able to provide all of the human resources needed to run a project once it has been proven.

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