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The problems of a 'Broken' System

From our discussions with all of the participants in the existing technology transfer process and those who would become involved 'if only', we are aware of a long list of problems facing each one.

In addition we are aware of a range of problems that are embedded in the current system as a whole... ...

The process is not a system

There is no system into which the processes contribute, rather each process does its own thing for its own objectives and by its own measures.

As a result there is disconnection, with too many handovers (or lack of), divergent or even conflicting aims and objectives, little maintenance of pace or focus and consequently duplication, waste of resources and inefficiency.

This under-performance mixes with complacency in some quarters and distrust in others to create an overall process which does not deliver its full potential to any of the participants.

We recognise that as a MAJOR challenge and step up to it.

  • We need to provide an END-to-END solution that demonstrates 'joined up' thinking, removing dropped handovers, divergent aims and faltering momentum.
  • We need to identify, isolate and resolve the various inefficiencies that do and can exist in the processes, removing duplication, complexity and conflict.
  • We need to be able to scale to the levels of the task we are anticipating and well beyond.
  • We need to create a culture of quality, diligence and success, providing focus and efficiency.
  • We need to make all processes as fair and open book as possible, enabling trust and accountability.

We recognise that the challenges we face are not easy to overcome

But we believe that the prize is worth the effort

A future built on what we CAN do rather than what was lucky enough to make it.

Fixing the System not just the Symptoms

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