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Associates represent years of expertise in their sector of industry, both as specialists within a field and as commercial generalists able to gap fill across the board, they bring experience and seasoning to the raw potential of a project.

Frequently an associate will detect a critical pivot or uncover a potential pothole in the projects plans. That is what they are good at.

Our PIPE Associate Network (PAN) members are the pool of relevant expertise that ensures that the projects transition into the real world with a guide that can smooth and pick the path.

You have problems finding suitable available projects

Finding the projects where an associate can apply their particular expertise and skillsets can be a never-ending and time consuming search.

The costs of the process can be significant, in subscriptions and hours spent trawling to find possible projects, to then have to decide if they are appropriate or possible to engage with.

We recognise that as a challenge and step up to it.

  • Our systems need to make the process of finding, matching and getting involved with suitable projects as easy and automatic as possible.
  • We need to facilitate the filtering of the potential projects to assist the associates in their decisions as to where to spend their limited available time.

You want a portfolio of engagements

A number of associates would ideally like to be able to engage with multiple projects, sometimes only for specific stages or phases of their journey, sometimes for the full lifecycle of the project.

We recognise that as a challenge and step up to it.

  • We need allow Associates to engage with multiple projects.
  • We need provide mechanisms that help Associates and Projects keep track of Associate engagement.
  • We need not to be prescriptive about the relationship between Projects and Associates.

You want a fair rewards system

Our Associates are professionals in their field and able to provide valuable input to the processes. As such they expect to receive some compensation for their time and effort

We recognise that as a challenge and step up to it.

  • We need be able to compensate associates as much for the work that they have prevented being wasted as for the work that they have done.
  • We need to support different mechanisms for an associate to realise the rewards they may have been ascribed.
  • We need to ensure that everyone is treated fairly.

You need assurance around Non conflict and NDAs

Not every associate is free of encumbrances that would create conflict if they were to become involved with a project.

Non-Disclosure agreements, if they are to be treated seriously, have to seriously address the issues that can make them a problem.

We recognise that as a challenge and step up to it.

  • We need to provide exclusion from view processes to protect associates from exposure to information that may create a conflict of interest for them.
  • We need to have an NDA that provides protection for ALL parties involved, not just the disclosing party.
  • We need to be willing and able to enforce the NDA.

You need flexibility over time, and term of involvement

We recognise that as a challenge and step up to it.

  • We need to help projects work asynchronously where they want to, using time efficiently whenever it may be available
  • We need to ensure pace of progress to prevent projects loosing momentum, or overshooting available time.

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