Opportunities to change the world for the better are frequently
squandered, ignored, overlooked or repressed.

We intend to change this.

On average €55,000,000 of YOUR taxpayer money will be lost EVERY DAY between now and 2027. 83% of ideas and innovations in research projects funded by taxpayers, at a cost of €100bn over 5 years, are NEVER seen in the public domain, find funding or evolve to solve the problem they are designed to address.
BUT ...
According to Forbes, Anderson Law & others, research projects that DO get seen by the public AND receive funding, perform 400% better than non research based early stage/start up companies.

Early stage investment produces a much greater return when you can DE-RISK your investment and invest across MULTIPLE projects at the same time and exit them at the right time. Currently, only a wealthy few get to benefit in this way.
So ...
The PIPE Platform and Lab to IPO Pathway has been designed to address the issue and to Find, Form and Fund the 83% of research projects that remain unseen, realising the value of these (potentially) brilliant projects.

Because we want EVERYONE to be able to have a share in the success and value of these projects, we have developed the PIPE General Fund (ICO & DAO) and PIPExchange.

You can buy into this fund now, HERE and you can read a full description of the issue, opportunity, and process in our white paper, HERE.
Take a look around the website, visit our social channels ( ), ask questions, find out more, get involved.
Let's change the future for the better.
(Whilst it can still be changed)