PIPE Disclosure & Validation is a FREE service, allowing TTO’s, academics and researchers to disclose a project via the PIPE platform and to have that project commercially validated as either a spin-out, license or joint venture.

PIPE Disclosure & Validation consists of just 18 key questions, 7 sections and various evidence requests and text fields, designed to capture the salient detail of a project without disclosing IP sensitive data.

This process relies on the PIPE system and associated ‘Oracles’ including industry/technology Associates, Investors and Observers who are registered on the PIPE platform and have completed both NDA and security checks, including two-factor authentication (2FA).

The output from this exercise is a document outlining the commercial interest, a list of overlapping or competing IP from an automated European Patent Office (EPO) lookup and an overall score across a number of metrics to indicate the commercial viability of any project.


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