Once the Protégé Company has been through all the previous stages and has successfully passed through to the funding stage and has received their first stage investment, they are then listed on the PIPE Exchange.

At this point the Protégé Company and all of it’s previous stage documentation, evidence, Q&A is available to Authorised Participants (AP) of the PIPE Exchange who are also investors into the PIPE DAO Fund.

As the Protégé Company begins to deliver against its defined roadmap milestones and KPI’s, additional tranches of money are automatically provided by the system through triggered events built into the blockchain and in line with the documented roadmap. The Protégé Company will provide regular performance updates, forecasts and announcements to the PIPE Exchange.

AP’s have the option to simply maintain their investment position across all Protégé Companies, as is the default or, exchange, swap, trade or sell positions to create defined lists or indexes of specific Protégé Companies.

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