PIPE ensures that permissioned members have access to the toolsets required to progress their project through to investment and beyond.

By providing mechanisms & metrics to compare & contrast disparate projects & proposals, the system allows clients & investors to perform evidence & experience based evaluations.

The evaluations are enabled against both PIPE standard criteria and client/investor customised criteria so both standard and customised metrics can be obtained.

Backed by in-the-field expertise relevant to each particular project, provided through our associate network of industry experts, the system presents the clear objective reasoning behind the evaluations and decisions made.

By creating a framework for measurement and audit, PIPE lends itself to both classic and AI led automation and analysis. Designed to be scalable and performant at scale, the evolution of the platform will embrace functionality that increases efficiency, ease of use, and maintains flexibility across the wide range of projects serviced. We are dealing with projects that are on the leading edge of knowledge within their disciplines, they are frequently outside the box, our challenge is to create the required structure around them to support the process of understanding their viability.

Subsequent funding of qualifying projects through PIPE follows the same principles of transparency and auditability through the use of a highly efficient and performant DLT (Hedera), to provide public record and transaction transparency.

As an evidence based evaluation environment, backed by an efficient DLT , scheduled project funding can be executed efficiently and unequivocally, releasing project members to concentrate on business development.

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