Early stage investing is extremely high risk, in fact between 75% and 90% of all early stage investments fail by year 5 according to a report by Anderson Law and quoted in Forbes. PIPE focuses on European (incl. UK & CH) university derived R&D/IP which, for many reasons, performs at least 4 x better according to data from the same report.

The PIPE ‘Lab to IPO’ pathway is designed to identify, nurture and fund the top 100 projects each year from across European university R&D/IP. This process increases the investment success rate to 95% over 5 years and is open to fund holders, co-investors and VC’s from across the globe.

The Fund is a Security/Asset Token Offering (STO) which means investors receive a pari passu share of the fund as an internally traded token called the PTK. This token is not transferable or exchangeable outside of the Fund but can be traded on the PIPE Exchange internally. This allows investors to create their own indexes of assets to follow, trade tokens and even sell tokens to create liquidity options. Token value is based on the NAV of the AUM and can be realised as an asset internally if a buyer can be sourced.

Investors can choose to invest via the Fund and/or co-invest alongside the Fund subject to availability and minimum co-investment of €50,000.

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