The associate group is a collection of individuals from across the European region typically at or from management and/or board level, with significant knowledge and experience of particular sectors, technologies and industries.

They support the PIPE process through either commercial knowledge and/or financial knowledge of the proposition and market and by raising the key objections or observations as projects progress through the PIPE Incubator.

The associate becomes a member of the client’s core team post-funding on a NED, advisory or contract basis. Their role is not to build the business plan, or secure the funding in isolation but to form part of the due diligence process and possible future executive team where there is a skill shortage or knowledge gap and need for commercial experience.

We are always interested to hear from senior executives and specialists with deep domain knowledge of specific business areas who can work with our members to the point of funding, with a view to securing their own equity position and directorship or non-executive role with our member firms.

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