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About The PIPE Company

Since 2019, The PIPE Company has been delivering, learning, developing and evolving the Commercialisation as a Service (CaaS) platform known as the Pre-IPO Exchange or PIPE for short. Today, PIPE provides an end-to-end ‘Lab to IPO’ pathway for the validation and ultimate commercialisation of university R&D/IP from across Europe (including the UK and CH) that involves not only advanced, stage gated systems, but also highly experienced and capable people. Our associates and investor partners support the Fund and PIPE to ensure the very best outcomes for viable, university projects and their founders.


“To grow the unique potential of academic R&D through a purposeful and committed process that helps to develop world class businesses of the future”


“To support viable innovation and the aspiration of academics with a simplified approach to funding via the revolutionary PIPE platform”


“To embrace openness & honesty with our employees and customers in a fair and balanced way”


The associate group is a collection of individuals from across the European region typically at or from management and/or board level, with significant knowledge and experience of particular sectors, technologies and…

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Early stage investing is extremely high risk, in fact between 75% and 90% of all early stage investments fail by year 5 according to a report by Anderson Law and quoted in Forbes. PIPE focuses on European (incl. UK & CH)…

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PIPE allows for a class of investor known as an ‘Observer’ who wishes to look, but not yet participate. Observers are treated as an investor within PIPE but with no liquidity and no investment options. There are many individuals…

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PIPE ensures that permissioned members have access to the toolsets required to progress their project through to investment and beyond. By providing mechanisms & metrics to compare & contrast disparate projects…

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